PGx is the study of how variations in the human genome dictate a persons response to medication

The Problem

Drug development, together with associated trials, are mainly undertaken with white Caucasians in mind. As a result, drugs often work differently depending on ethnicity. Today we know that ~99% of the population has a known significant mutation that affects at least one medication. Drug development has relied on sweeping assumptions - the idea of the average patient who will respond in a particular way. This one size fits all model is no longer accepted, and health and insurance providers need to be able to demonstrate that their business model is non-discriminatory and moving towards personalised medicine to aim for the best outcome for patient and society.

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Quote from Ravi Sharma, Director for England at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society:

"We do not have the clinical decision support tool for clinicians to be able to prescribe and not all clinicians know how to tailor particular medicines according to people's genomic responses."